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Bashqash app is easy to download. wallets can be topped-up using usual payment methods


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Assign cards and monitor spending. Gift card whenever you want


Pay with a card swipe or scan. Log every transaction and history

Ever Attended An Event and Faced Cash Problems?

Attending a concert, being a shopper in a shopping center, a visitor in an exhibition, a resident in a complex or a member in a club that has in any commercial form is always a treat to oneself. Yet, how many times you faced a problem with carrying and managing cash? How many times did mis-calculate? How many times did your kid take some cash bill and lost on the way or didn’t bring back the change? We have came to you with a solution!

Taking A Retail Expo As a Sample

event en To End CustomersIn this retail expo you are attending with your family or kids you may easily face the following:

Before You Arrive

  1. You may need to prepare some amount of cash that is enough to manage your expected purchases 
  2. Maintain some change enough for your kids to spend

When You Arrive

  1. You will need to continuously calculate the amount paid and change returned from the sellers (vendors)
  2. Assume you have 20 or 50 bills only and your kid wants to purchase a candy from the candy vendor by the end of the isle or pay for a magazine they say by the entrance of the expo. How many thoughts will you have if the kid loses the bill or miscalculate the amount in change from the seller
  3. What will happen to that lost bill? You may never meet it again!

Actually, the cash itself becomes a new burden to you focusing on your own business!


Asset 11xhdpi To End CustomersOnce you download the app and the event organizer signs with Bashqash:

  1. You charge your wallet in preparation
  2. Once you meet the sellers (vendors), they will ask you or your kid to show their wallet/cards QR codes so they can scan them and receive payments
  3. Wallets and cards are PIN secured
  4. One scan and you finish the payment transaction.
  5. Even if your wallet is short of funds, you can top it up in less than 4 steps using regular online payment methods
  6. Your kid could be wearing a PIN secured bracelet that will act as their payment card if they are young to carry a mobile phone with the app

The EXACT amount in one simple scan from your card to the sellers POS device that will end all the pain at once!

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Download Bashqash App Now!