Why would you care?

Need not to worry about carrying or availing cash


Calculations are made on behalf, there is no need to keep calculating payment amounts

Transaction Time:

Transactions time reduced to 40%. Gain the remaining time in doing more sales


Bashqash can be used in many ways and using convenient devices. Your own phone can be a payment device!

Ever Faced Cash Problems as a Vendor?

As a shop owner in a shopping center, a tenant in an exhibition, a vendor in an event or a fair or a resident service provider in any commercial form, how many times you faced a problem with carrying and managing cash? How many times did mis-calculate? How many times did you fail to deposit the cash on time? Keep reading there is a solution!

Taking Book Fair As a Sample

bookfair en 2 To Vendors & TenantsAssuming you are a publishing institute. There is a book fair that is being held in a foreign country and you have been invited to exhibit, so you agreed! YAAY! In addition to the regular and understandable business preparations for the exhibition you may easily face the following:

Before You Travel

  1. You will need to prepare some amount of cash (in the foreign currency) that is enough to manage your expected sales and maintain some change enough to perform the sales for the first day at least
  2. You may not always find the currency of that foreign country available in your local Forex agencies, so
  3. You will need to worry about availing that cash when you land to that country

On Your Exhibition Day

  1. You will need to continuously calculate the amount paid and change returned to your customer (buyers)
  2. You will always need to keep heaps of cash in your pockets or in an unsafe drawer mechanism in your luggage which add the risk of theft or loss

At The End of Your Exhibition Day

  1. You will need to manage the cash in hand not having any safe place to deposit
  2. Most probably you will not be able to open a bank account in that foreign country hence will not be able to use ATMs or any other similar services to keep the cash safe
  3. You may think of leaving this cash at the hotel or residence which again
  4. You will always need to keep some cash in your pockets for the next exhibition day
Actually, the cash itself becomes a new burden to you focusing on your own business!


Asset 11xhdpi To Vendors & TenantsOnce the event organizer signs with Bashqash:
  1. S/he will hand you a customized secured Bashqash POS Device once you land
  2. S/he will ask/encourage the visitors to download the mobile app to charge their wallets
  3. Once you meet your customers (buyers), you will ask them to show their wallet/cards QR codes so you can scan them to receive payments
  4. One scan and you get paid.
  5. At the end of the day, all your payouts will be consolidate in one bank transfer order from the organizer’s account to your bank account at home! No more hassle!
The EXACT amount in one simple scan from your delivered POS device will end all the pain at once

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