Why would you care?

Bashqash allows you to keep end-customers wallets balances for long times


You can collect huge amounts of sales and behaviors data


It enables you to analyze tenant locations and rents


It enforces your brand with branded payment cards


Hi-tech top notch technology for your tenants, reps and end-customers

Have liquidity or even true sales data ever been easy to avail or collect?

With Bashqash it can! 

Enterprises are the key stone to economical development. Enterprises (specially you who create communities) care immensely about customer loyalty, community integrity and stability. This is where Bashqash do excel. 

Your enterprise may be:

  1. An event organizer either locally or internationally
  2. A distributor (specially FMCG)
  3. An e-Commerce store/platform owner
  4. A compound/complex owner or operator
  5. A shopping mall/center owner or operator
  6. A sporting club facility manager or owner

Or may be anything in that vicinity. Imagine this situation, your end customer did not have enough cash to pay on delivery (CoD) or at least did not prepare required cash change. How much time will that cost your rep. or tenant (vendor of service or product) to finish the transaction? How many minutes or hours could you save them?

Main Questions To Be Answered

  1.  How good would it be if you could monitor different sales transactions made by your reps/tenants/vendors instantaneously categorized by type, amount, vendor, country…etc.
  2. How good would it be to avail liquidity to your organization by allowing end-customers to top-up their wallets and cards
  3. How fabulous would it be to view dashboards to analyze/understand customer behavior inside your location/region/facilities
  4. What is ever better than to optimize your rent-rates or evaluate your property based on true facts and real sales transaction
  5. Why not save most of the percentages you/your customers have to pay for regular banks and credit cards as part of your sales? Why not add them to your own gross profit
  6. Can Bashqash offer any of this?


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Actually, Bashqash offers all of this and much more. 


Asset 11xhdpi To EnterprisesOnce you sign with Bashqash:

  1. You hand your tenant/vendor a customized secured Bashqash POS Device once you land
  2. You will ask/encourage the end-customers/visitors to download the mobile app to charge their wallets
  3. Once your tenants/vendors meet their customers (buyers), they will ask end-customers/visitors to show their wallet/cards QR codes so you can scan them to receive payments
  4. One scan and you get paid.
  5. At the end of the day, all your payouts will be consolidate in one bank transfer order from the organizer’s account to your bank account at home! No more hassle!

The EXACT amount in one simple scan from your delivered POS device will end all the pain at once

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